LED Work Lights-IT040 LED Work Lights
IT040 LED Work Lights
Product name: IT040 LED Work Lights
Product Type:IT040
Content Information:
.LED power:40W
.operating voltage:10-30V DC
.grade of waterproof:IP 68
.4颗* 10W高亮度美国科锐LED灯珠
.color for choose:black,white
.color temperature:6000K
.material:shell made by aluminium die casting
.len material:PC
.mounting bracket:不锈钢
.可选宽:泛光模式 强度:1000lm(流明)
.over 5000 hours to work
.size:194mm* 128mm* 51mm
.认证:CE,ROHS,IP 68
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