LED Dash/Deck/Visor-LTD6245 LED Traffic Signal Light
LTD6245 LED Traffic Signal Light
Product name: LTD6245 LED Traffic Signal Light
Product Type:LTD6245
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LED Traffic Signal Light
1 Year Warranty, LED lights available in 0.5w and 1.0w
Colors available in Red, Blue, Amber, Clear

 LED Traffic Signal Light



Item No.: LTD6245
 Input voltage:  12VDC/24VDC
 Light type:  0.5W/1W
 Lens material :  polycarbonate(PC)
 Dome colour :  Red,blue,amber,clear
 Operating temperature:  -40º C to 55º C
Flash Pattern  About 4 flash patterns current,we can design according to your demands.no extra cost about the patterns
 Size:  300*300*70MM
 Weight:  2.20KGS
 Quality Std  ISO and CE standard
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