Metal Detector-MD3001
Product name: MD3001
Product Type:MD3001
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The High Sensitivity Handset Metal Detector is the upgraded product. The product uses
the CMOS-IC to detect the ferromagnetic objects (metal object) more quickly. Compared
with the traditional Detector, it adopts more advanced audio-visual alarm and shock alarm
with higher detecting sensitivity and more accurate alarm. And it also has more affordable
price, more economies power consumption, longer working hours. Meanwhile, the
Detector has nice out-look, small in size, light in weight, compactable, convenient in
operation, and shock-resistance. So it is an excellent tool to help you to inspect illegal
It is mainly used in some security inspection such as airport, station, customs, harbor,
stadium (gymnasium), public security, frontier guard, safeguard organizations, testing and
detection for precious metal (e.g. used in bullion crafts factories, electronic component
factories), security inspection in mass assembly and other circumstances requiring
security inspection.

Main Features:
◆ Light weighted, big surface area on the detecting sensor
enables a quick detecting process
◆ Alarms for various metals
◆ Rigid for tough service, no damage through free dropping
at one meter altitude
◆ Accepting either normal battery or rechargeable battery
◆ Two kinds of alarm ways: audio-visual alarm and shock
◆ Outstanding Performance/Price Ratio
1. 9V battery or rechargeable battery
2. Power: standby≤4mA, Alarm≤20mA
3. Operating Temperature: -15℃ to +55℃
4. Weight: 200g
5. Sensitivity: detect 1 coin 12cm
6. Size: 340mm×45mm×30mm

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