Metal Detector-ME00122 hand Metal Detector
ME00122 hand Metal Detector
Product name: ME00122 hand Metal Detector
Product Type:ME00122
Content Information:
Function features: 
*It features simple operation, exquisite design, convenient conservation and low failure rate.
*Highly sensitive, it can easily detect pin-sized metal articles (or even smaller metal articles).
*Its sensitivity can be adjusted according to the on-site requirements.
*Indication of low battery voltage (LED light is always on).
*It is praise worthy that its price/performance ratio is higher than other products of the same category. 
*There are two kinds of alarms, including sound & light and vibration. 

Product parameters: 
External dimensions: Length 395 mm*140 mm
Product weight: 20/box, 7.4 kg/box, 
Packaging dimensions: 52.5 cmX31.6 cmX37.8 cm
Working power supply: 6F22ND? 9 V battery (alkaline battery, rechargeable battery)
Alarm modes: sound & light, vibration (switch)

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