Anti Riot Suit-FBF-A003 police anti riot suit
FBF-A003 police anti riot suit
Product name: FBF-A003 police anti riot suit
Product Type:FBF-A003
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1. The riot gear with non-toxic, fire-retardant materials, specially made, and the use of advanced technology to set the buffer ventilation system, with a total weight of less than 8kg.  
2. The product is wearing practical, convenient, twist flexible, sophisticated appearance, the connection structure design, dress, not to the free movement of arms and human kneeling, jumping, squatting, running tilt, swivel and other activities is limited.  
 3. Stab performance: on the chest, back, abdomen with a standard test tools, 20J kinetic energy, the vertical piercing, not through the protective layer of the tip.  
4. High and low temperature impact resistance: the riot gear into the hard protective layer of high temperature +55 ℃ + -2 ℃, -20 ℃ + -2 ℃ low temperature thermostat box 4h, the corresponding part of the impact test are not damaged.  
5. Size 165 ~ 185cm height should be consistent with police officers dressed as a specification, the user can connect themselves with the help of a high degree of self-regula

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