Helmets-MTK-H8021 Riot helmets for police
MTK-H8021 Riot helmets for police
Product name: MTK-H8021 Riot helmets for police
Product Type:MTK-H8021
Content Information:

Body:Reinforced ABS,imported or indigenous material

Visor:2mm,3mm or 4.2mm thickness,sclerous PC,scratch-proof,,customer can order visor capability freely.

Visor style:convex or flat shape

Color Black/army Green/White/customization

Chip strap: rubber

Police Anti-Riot  Helmet(police helmet,face shield helmet,police equipment,security helmet)

1, the shell of helmet  made by Japan's high-impact PC / ABS alloy resin material,visor material is PC resin
2,Design according to human head,high quality shockproof material is Safe and reliable
3,the internal of the helmet use new fabric,Enhance the "moisture, perspiration, sterilization" function, so that the head in the most secure guarantee, the best comfort.
4, good ventilation and warmth device inside.
5,surface coating color is bright,clean,hard to stain and fall off. Colorless clear lens goggles, good toughness for broken,good vision
6,various styles, designs, a different color from your own choice.





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