Stun Gun-Cp6107 patrol stun baton with flashlight
Cp6107 patrol stun baton with flashlight
Product name: Cp6107 patrol stun baton with flashlight
Product Type:CP6107
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cp6107 850,000 Volt Rechargeable  patrol stun baton with flashlight

Features include 850,000 volts of stunning power Two levels of protection: alarm and stun gun. The VERY loud 100db alarm can be activated to scare off most would-be attackers without ever needing to use the powerful stun device itself.
Halogen Flashlight: the halogen bulb that is several times brighter than an ordinary flashlight. Rechargeable: Recharger included with this unit to save you money on batteries.
Conveniently Located Slide Switch: easily activate the stun baton, alarm, and flashlight with your thumb.
Heavy Duty Construction: with its aluminum shaft and ABS plastic head, the quality of this unit is unlike anything currently on the market. Safety Switch: prevents accidental discharge.
Lifetime  Warranty:our Products are of the highest quality and come with 3years warranties.

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