Rotator Light Bar-TBD4030
Product name: TBD4030
Product Type:TBD4030
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1. The lamp cover  is made of high quality PC material and with good impact resistant, the color is fresh and the transparency reaches more than class9, the sealing performance is excellent and the waterproof and dustproof  can reach Ip53 international level.
2. Double-layer lighting structure, which forms perfect combination of high quality halogen bulbs, xenon or LED bulbs, the main and auxiliary light are controlled separately with the characteristics of long service life, high illuminating efficiency, powerful penetrating ability, good warning effect and wide application.
3. The supporting stand can be adjusted within the range of 830-1020mm, plastic and stainless steel covers are available for selection,
it is suitable for  police and other special  vehicles.

Color : Red,blue,amber,green,transparent
Material : PC
Power : 220W
Weight : 15.6kg
Size : 1250*400*255mm

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