Led Light Bar-LTF8899
Product name: LTF8899
Product Type:LTF8899
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1. PC  lens with speaker;
2. high brightness LEDs,
3.No polution cold light sources , maintainanace free and low heating ; High directionality with soft luminous effect ; High photoelectricity transmission rate, brightness higher than 1000000MCD ; Low power consumption and energy saving ; Long service time
Color : Red,Blue 

1. CE and ISO std.
2. 1 Year warranty
3. Very Prompt Delivery.
4. Very Competitive Unit Price.
5. Factory directly supply
6. Superthin, Ultrathin, Slim LED Police warning Lightbar

Model  LTF8899     
Light  0.25w
Volts  12v/24v
Dome color  red/blue/amber/clear
Light color red/blue/amber/white
Length  1.2m., can be extened
Led module  44 leds/module,8 modules;
2 alley halogen lights;
Flash patterns  
Power  82W
Material  PC with Al material,high rigidity and strong bounce impact force,the color is bright and not easy to fade
Cable  3.5m
Accessories  Handle
Rotating  Adopting the imported tungsten halogen lamp
Strobe Adopting high quality impulse stroboscopic lamp with lifetime more than 5 million cycles
Available with or without siren and speaker
Content most popular lightbar style in CHINA
unique shape,smooth appearance,small size and light weight.
Streamline structure for low wind obstruction.
Features 1)super thin,light weight,without mechanical transmission,the lightbar has low noise and low wearing.
2)LED lamp: good quality with anti-impact ability of the performance .
3)transparent,blue and red could be choosen .
Product  size  
Packing size  124*37*36cm
Weight  14kgs
Standard  CE/ISO

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