Solar model-TBD-6803-XYL02
Product name: TBD-6803-XYL02
Product Type:TBD-6803-XYL02
Content Information:

1.Luminous surface: 220*115MM  2pieces; crosswise with double-sided;
2.Storage battery: 12V/17AH;
3.Power source :220vAC, 15%, 12VDC;
4.power:<10W;general current: <150mA,
5.Protection class:dustproof:IP5X?waterproof:IPX3;
6. tempterature: -20~+80;
7.visual range: >500M;
8. Visual angle:30 ;
9. light source life:55000 hours
10. working hours: it can work continuously 7-15 days when the battery is full .

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