Mini Light Bar-LTF8450
Product name: LTF8450
Product Type:LTF8450
Content Information:
1) This mini lightbar adopts bright led light source. it has advanced internal frame and low power consumption without pollution.

2) The material of lens is made of  PC for penetrative ability.
1   Item No 


 2  Input voltage  12VDC/24VDC
 3  Light type

 0.50/1.0 watt led    Generation III LEDs,1.0watt ,total 40 LEDs

 4  Available  With or without siren and speaker
 5  Lens material  polycarbonate(PC)
 6  Dome colour available  Red, blue, amber, clear
 7  Operating temperature  40 below zero to 55 (centigrade)
 8  Installation   Fixed on the car with the screws
 9  Cable 3.5 meter of cable provided
 10  Size


 11  Flash  About 4 flash patterns current,we can design according to your extra cost about the patterns.
 12  Bracekt material   stainless

Detailed Product Description

1. Big Power, CE std
2. Factory directly supply
3. Prompt Delivery, Low price.
4. Led security mini lightbar, LTF8450

1). Advantages:

1. CE and ISO std.
2. 1 Year warranty
3. Very Prompt Delivery.
4. Very Competitive Unit Price.
5. Factory directly supply
6. Big/High Power, Led security mini lightbar,

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