Rotator Light Bar-TBD4080
Product name: TBD4080
Product Type:TBD4080
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function feature:
    1、Luxury and generous shape,double-layer structure;using large power bulb with higher brightness,;suitable for kinds of vehicles.。
    2、【Dome】Imported high-strength PC material.with excellent lustrous and high penetrating-for ability.
    3、【Base】Aluminum alloy material with high strength.
    4、【Loudspeaker】Install inside or outside at your option.
    5、【Rotator】23W/35W excellent halogen bulb.
    6、【Flash alley light】23W/25W excellent halogen bulb.
    7、【Strobe light】Imported xenon tube and special controlling circuit by 5-flash mode with high efficiency and more than 10,000,000 times for using.Square,rectangular and round shape are optional.
    8、【Controlling way】Separate control switch or control switch in matched siren.
    9、【LED】LED long-row caution light:With the functions of high brightness,fine stability,low energy consumption,it is the ideal environment-protection product.
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