Strobe Light Bar-STB7330
Product name: STB7330
Product Type:STB7330
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1. Available in various colors.

2. Fully-sealed design, reaches lp53 international standard. Dust-proof, water-proof.

3. Imported capacitors inside, controlled by composiitive micro-chip.

4. Imported German U-shaped xenon bulbs, high anti-fog and anti-backlight ability.

5. PC dome, hard to crack and high anti distortion ability, electroplated with crystal, hard to fade.

6.4 strobe lights(seems like 8 strobe lights from front and rear), 4 flash lights(halogen tube), 2 alley lights(halogen tube).

7. Install speaker inside or outside of lightbar at your option.

8. Length: 1200mm.

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