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LTF8999 led lightbar with message
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Product name: LTF8999 led lightbar with message
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Product Type: LTF8999
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Product Details

1. it adopts double-layer aluminium alloy boards structure and sector design, which has distinct outline stronger percusiion-resistant capability, and is not easy to lose color and get aged.

2. with good sealing and water-proof function, several LED lights are distributed as a ring and give out strong flash from each direction, On the back of it, there has an English display screen, it can transmit emergency signal correctly even in extremely complicated circumstance.

Controller and keyboard feature:

1) Message board dimensions: 543 x 75mm

2) High brightness LED display

3) Stand flashing display for a word less than 10 letters

4) Scrolling display for a word over than 10 letters

5) Moving display of directional arrow

6) Mini keyboards and LCD Screen for easy operation


Color : Red,blue,amber...
Material : Aluminium
Weight : 17.5kg
Size : 1260x345x260