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Product name: LTD6300
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Product Type: LTD6300
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Product Details
Optional Components list
Model LED Color Combinations Red,Amber/White,Blue,Green
Voltage selection DC12V Red,Amber/Red,Amber
LED color options Red/Amber/Blue/White/Green White,Blue,Green/White,Blue,Green
LED options 0.5W Array Mode 1/2
amount of Control Circuits 2 1/1
explain:1/1 means the LED color of the two circuits are the same,1/2 means the color are different. Red, amber/white, blue, green is optional, such as red/white, red/blue, amber/green, amber/white.

Voltage DC12V LED Color Combinations Red/Blue Product Feature Plentiful LEDs, varied flash patterns
Flash Patterns 16 LED power 0.5W Net Weight 519g
Lamp LED Instantaneous maximum current 0.48A Gross Weight  
Lamps No. 18 Maximunm Input Power 5.8W package size