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Product name: JS1121 Lipstick Stun Gun with Flashlight
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Product Type: JS1121
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Product Details
This is the one of the smallest Stun Guns that we have in stock, disguised to look similar to a lipstick tube. The small size of this device makes it portable and unique. This device can go with you wherever you need to go!
Under the cap of the tube there are two buttons; one for the Stun Gun and the other for the flashlight.
It is even rechargeable. It is powered with the unique built-in battery. It is simple to charge, just use the cord that is included to plug one end into Stun Gun and the other end into the outlet. No need to waste your money on batteries.
3,000,000 Volts
4.1 Milliamps
Disguised Lipstick Tube
Size: 5" X 1"
3 Colors to choose from - pink, purple and black.
Stylish - perfect for women.
Able to use this as a flashlight