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FBF-A012 police anti riot suit
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Product name: FBF-A012 police anti riot suit
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Product Type: FBF-A012
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Product Details

1.The Body Armour is able to protect the personnel from the high threat level of riot control without compromising the flexibility and comfort.

2.It also withstand thrown, hurtled ( slinged ) or falling stones, metal parts and highly resistant as well as knife resistant.

3.Each piece of the suit is easily fastened and adjustable with durable nylon straps or equivalent material. Velcro and quick connect clips which allow a maximum fit and comfort to wear.

4.The components and fabrics of the Body Armour are as follow:
a)Light in weight, formed to fit the body and easy to donning.
b)To be non-irritating to the skin, breathable and comfortable in tropical climate.
c)To be flame resistant when test according to ( DIN EN ISO 6941 and DIN 53438 part 1-3 ).
d)The components of the system are easy to clean or wash.
e)All parts remain at the same level of protection at a temperature up to 55 degrees centigrade or high temperature in wet condition as well as when exposed to chemicals.
f)The exterior components are chemical resistant, non-flammable, flame retardant and will not drip off when exposed to motolov-cocktail.

5.The gear net weight does not exceed 6.50kg depending on the sizes, excluding the weight riot helmet. The gear is:
a)Flexibility – The gear should be flexible for easy wear and remove for agility and mobility.
b)Resistance Capability – The Body Armour is able to withstand extreme condition. The resistance capability for body is up to 3000N/5cm2, the buckle is up to 200N and joints are up to 300N.
c)Anti Stab Resistance – Able to withstand dagger stabbing to any point of the chest, back and groin. Under 2000N static pressure for 1 minute ( >= 20J. able to absorb more than 75% hit and protection for more than 35J stab energy )
d)Anti Impact Resistance – Able to withstand continuous direct hit using 5.8kg steel ball to chest and arms from a distance of 220cm ( >=120J )
e)Burning Resistance – Both outer layer and inner layer are able to resist burning. Outer layer burning resistance up to 5 seconds and the inner layer burning resistance is up to 1 minute.
f)Temperature Test – The material use and able to withstand extreme temperature. Withstand 4 hours of extreme temperature between -20° and 55° with humidity of 95%.

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