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Product name: FBF-A008 police anti riot suit
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Product Type: FBF-A008
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Product Details
This is our new protector. It has the high quality of protection with double shell which are made of PC. And the inner material is soft to resist injury.It is comfortable for the person and easy to wear.

· anti-riot suit consists of gloves,arm protector,shoulder, body protector,thigh protector,leg protector and groin protector

· other accessories can be added, such as tofa-baton, handcuff and anti-riot helmet 

·inner fabric adapts flame resistant nylon with ventilate mesh liner and also with flame resistant foam EVA and foam sponge as its cushion

· and it has the adjustive belt to adjust the size to suit for different person.

· the all protector have strong shell and soft inner,to keep the user's coziness and safe

· we design this Anti Riot Suit according to the body's joint,so it will not effect sport