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FBF-A006 police anti riot suit
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Product name: FBF-A006 police anti riot suit
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Product Type: FBF-A006
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Product Details

Multifunction Anti-riot Policeman Uniform with 15 Seperate Parts                                              

- For soldiers and policemen use, riot-proof, bullet-proof and toxic gas proof.                                           

Features anti-burns, fine ventilation, light weight and convenient to wear.                                                 

- Made of complexed plastic, anti-burn material and high density fabric.                                            

- 15 parts and each part can be used separately                                             

- Can insert bullet-proof material in front and back, can put water bag at back.                                                

- Adopt French composite high intensity material, with high anti-impact ability and Anti-penetration                                                

- The suit includes chest and abdomen guard, shoulder guard, arm guard, knee guard, elbow guard, Leg guard, and gloves