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FBF-A004 police anti riot suit
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Product name: FBF-A004 police anti riot suit
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Product Type: FBF-A004
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 1, this style of soft clothing with a sensitive anti-riot control function, you can easily put on or take off quickly. 
2, the plastic panels can be attached with the packet to increase the service life of parts, reducing wear of plastic plates Cha damage. 
3, subject to external shocks provide stable protection, PE shell to disperse impact EVA foam padding inside to protect the body. 
4, inside brushed fabrics and mesh wire to reduce wear and ensure long-lasting comfort. 
5, polypropylene and equipped with wear-resistant lock with hook and loop elastic band can quickly adjust and fasten it to adapt to a large range of various body 
6, Weight: 6.5 KG

FBF-A004 police <a href=Anti Riot Suit" src="http://www.9safety.com/website/ewebeditor/uploadfile/20110101231234161.jpg" border=0>
FBF-A004 police <a href=Anti Riot Suit" src="http://www.9safety.com/website/ewebeditor/uploadfile/20110101231305232.jpg" border=0>